Class Descriptions

Combination Tap, Ballet, & Tumbling - Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade

A developmental program for the young child that uses the basics of ballet, tap and creative movement to develop coordination, body awareness and rhythm. This class incorporates many "sing along" songs and other playful activities, as this age learns best when they are having fun!



The foundation of dance. Ballet develops coordination, strength, flexibility, poise and grace. Ballet utilizes a technical vocabulary of steps, body positions, leaps, and turns that are used in all forms of dance. Dancers may spend multiple years in each level before successfully progressing to the next.



A rhythmic audible form of dance that increases coordination, body awareness and agility. Single-action taps on the soles of the shoes sound out the dance. 



Jazz is a technical form of dance done to rhythmic music that combines ballet technique with strength, flexibility, personality and style. Dancers may spend multiple years in each level before successfully progressing to the next.



A fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz that incorporates fluidity and grace while emphasizing a strong sense of emotion and self-expression. With focus on the deep interpretation of the music, these dances usually portray a message and tell a story through movement. Dancers may spend multiple years in each level before successfully progressing to the next.



A strength & conditioning class that teaches the proper way to perform all the impressive "tricks" that are put into dance routines. Class focuses on core body strength and consists of many strength exercises, across the floor, center floor work, and technical combinations.


Strength & Acrobatics

A strength & conditioning class that teaches the proper body alignment with emphasis on balance, agility & motor coordination.  It consists of stretching, strength exercises & tumbling exercises.


A class for those who like being sassy!  Hot heels incorporates genres of pop, jazz, grooves and hip-hop.  This class may be done with or without heels and both men and women are invited to take the class.  Must be 17 years or older.



A structured form of street dance, often found in music videos, that requires high energy, strength and style. Hip-hip dance increases coordination, strength, quickness, agility and endurance while most often accompanied with popular R&B music.


A form of dance that is performed on the tips of the toes through the use of specific shoes. It incorporates the vocabulary of ballet technique with additional precision, strength and grace. Pre-Pointe/Pointe students must be recommended for the class and must also take an additional ballet class where flat shoes are worn. Dancers may spend more than one year developing the strength and technical ability necessary to progress to pointe shoes. 


Musical Theatre

The study of Broadway, movie musicals, improvisation and performance. The class involves group singing, dancing and acting drills with choreography and focuses on developing proper emotion, expression and performance technique. 



High energy, high endurance form of dance using double-action taps on the soles of the shoes to create a unique and powerful sound while performing rhythmic movement and precision choreography.