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Studio Etiquette

Dancers show respect for themselves by:

  • Being prompt for class;

  • Being dressed properly for class;

  • Always working hard and trying during class.


Dancers show respect for others by:

  • Waiting quietly for others to have a turn and for instructions from the teacher;

  • Waiting until the music is finished before entering the classroom if they are late to class;

  • Not talking to other dancers during exercises;

  • Clapping for other dancers after performing in small groups.


Dancers show respect for their teacher and for their dance class by:

  • Being properly dressed and ready for class on time;

  • Listening when the teacher speaks;

  • Never sitting down unless given permission by the teacher;

  • Being prepared for their turn;

  • Always asking before leaving the room and then returning to their place quietly and through the back of the room, never walking through the dancers who are dancing;

  • Always finishing every exercise, even if it is difficult or challenging;

  • Acknowledging the end of class and thanking their teacher by clapping.


Dancers show respect for the studio by:

  • Leaving gum, food, or drinks outside;

  • Never hanging or leaning on the Barre;

  • Never running or doing gymnastics in the studio or lobby;

  • Putting trash in its proper place;

  • Keeping all belongings inside their dance bag and storing their bag neatly on a shelf.


Parents show respect for the dance class, teacher and studio by:

  • Knocking before entering the classroom if class is in progress;

  • Standing away from the viewing window if it becomes obvious that students are being distracted;

  • Not letting children stand and hit the viewing window;

  • Making sure their child has had the opportunity to go to the restroom before entering class;

  • Having students dressed and ready for class before entering the classroom;

  • Having students at class on time and picking them up promptly after class;

  • Letting us know in advance if possible if a student will be absent;

  • Making arrangements with the teacher to make up missed classes;

  • Clearly marking all of their child’s items with the child’s name and leaving toys at home;

  • Teaching children to sit quietly while waiting, remembering that the lobby is also a homework area for many dancers;

  • Teaching children to never run or scream in the studio, waiting areas, or parking lot.
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